Episode 163 – Canada’s Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns transport us to a bygone era, where stories of hope, hardship, and human endeavour are etched into every crumbling brick and faded sign. These towns were once vibrant communities, thriving on the dreams and sweat of people who ventured into the unknown to build a new life. As time passed and circumstances changed, these settlements met their fate – abandoned due to economic shifts, natural disasters, or the beckoning of greener pastures. As night falls, the creaking of wooden beams, the distant howl of the wind, and the ominous silence remind us that we are not alone in these forsaken places. The imagination dances with phantoms of the past, whispers of footsteps in empty corridors, and the faint echoes of laughter that once filled now-deserted places. 

In the episode, we take a Haunted Talks road trip to explore some of the most interesting and eerie ghost towns in Canada.

See some recent footage from the incredibly preserved and creepy Kitsault, BC.

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