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Ghosts and the Gallows (Year-Round)

Dare to venture inside the old Carleton County Jail, one of the most haunted buildings in North America? Tour the cellblock and ranges where inmates of all kinds were once imprisoned. Walk the steps from Death Row to the last working gallows in Canada. Was the wrong man hanged for the assassination of Thomas D’Arcy McGee? Does he still haunt the hallways of the jail to this day? You will be the jury. Hear the evidence, experience the jail and decide for yourself!

Adults $19.75 – $24.75, Youth (Up to 17) $16.75 – $24.75

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During our Halloween Season (Sept 29 – Nov 4) we run a special “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” version of this tour that will take you through the old jail in the dark! On select Fridays and Saturdays we are now offering our latest departures as longer “Premium Tours” with only tickets 13 tickets available!

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The Original Haunted Walk of Ottawa (Apr – Nov)

The outdoor tour that started it all! We will share some of our favourite ghost stories from the area and lead you by lantern light to some of our favourite haunted spots, including: the Bytown Museum, the Fairmont Château Laurier and Ottawa’s haunted high school. You’ll never look at the city and these buildings the same again!

Adults $19.75 – $21.75, Youth (10-17) $16.75 – $18.75, Children (under 10) Free With Accompanying Adult

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The Haunted Walk Experience at the Mackenzie King Estate (September)

Join for a moonlight walk around the Mackenzie King Estate, located deep inside Gatineau Park. As we lead you through this secluded getaway we will explore the former Prime Minister’s incredible property, his passion for spiritualism and the supernatural, and share some of our favourite ghost stories from the grounds. Each participant will receive a special limited edition Haunted Walk flashlight for the event!

2017 Dates: July 8 & 29, August 12, 19 & 26, September 23 & 30

Adults $19.75, Youth (10-17) $16.75, Children (under 10) Free With Accompanying Adult

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The Crime and Punishment Jail Tour (Year-Round)

We set the ghost stories aside and concentrate on the incredible history of the old Carleton County Jail. How was the prison used? How bad were the living conditions? Did inmates try to escape? How many were executed? We’ll answer these questions and more as we put you to face-to-face with the last working gallows in Canada.

Adults $19.75, Youth (up to 17) $16.75

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150 Years of Canada’s Scariest Ghost Stories (September – November)

True north strong and spooky! We are celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday by sharing our favourite Canadian ghost stories. We’ll take you from coast to coast as we explore the most hair-raising and spine-tingling tales the country has to offer. This tour will also include some of our best local stories and a visit inside the Bytown Museum, Ottawa’s oldest and most haunted building.

Most evenings from September 29th to November 4th.

Adults $19.75 – $21.75, Youth (17 and under) $16.75 – $18.75

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The Haunted Walk’s Incident at the Bunker: A Zombie Adventure!

Guests will be led on an interactive adventure with the undead, deep inside the labyrinth that is the Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum. This one-of-a-kind Halloween experience is a perfect combination of humour, storytelling, interactive challenges, unexpected surprises,  and of course…zombies.

This tour is not recommended for young children or anyone who cries easily when trapped underground and surrounded by a horde of the walking dead.

2017 Dates: Oct. 14, 28, 29 & Nov. 4

Adults $21.75, Youth (Up to 17) $18.75

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Stranger Tales: A Haunted Walk City Adventure! (October – November)

Ottawa’s newest and largest immersive Halloween experience arrives this October! An unseen figure has left a mysterious package at The Haunted Walk ticket office. What is inside? What does it mean? Combining the creepy elements of our traditional Haunted Walks with an urban adventure and interactive problem solving, this self-directed mystery is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Choose your own adventure as you solve clues, interact with characters and wind up inside one of Ottawa’s most haunted buildings.

Read our Stranger Tales FAQ for more details!

Some parts of the adventure will require internet access. Please make sure to bring at least one internet connected smartphone or tablet per party.

2017 Dates: October 20, 21, 26, 27 & November 1

Adults $21.75, Youth (up to 17) $18.75

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We Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts: A Haunted Walk Kid’s Adventure!

There’s something strange in our neighbourhood! Peculiar events have been happening lately at the old Carleton County Jail. We need to get to the bottom of this mystery! Bring your family for a lighthearted and exciting ghost-busting adventure. Full of fun, jokes and a few (light) surprises, this interactive adventure is a great way to spend a weekend afternoon with the family leading up to Halloween. This tour is designed to be enjoyed best by brave young ghostbusters ages 8 – 12.

2017 Dates: October 28

All Tickets $14.75

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The Haunted Walk Experience at Upper Canada Village (July & August)

We will lead you through the darkened pioneer village, sharing chilling tales about Upper Canada’s darker history and the ghosts that may still linger in some of the buildings on-site today. This unique opportunity to see Upper Canada Village after the lights go out will only be available on select days this summer. Each participant will receive a special limited edition Haunted Walk flashlight for the event!

2017 Dates: July 15 & 29, August 5, 12, 19, 26

Adults $19.75, Youth (10-17) $16.75, Children (under 10) Free With Accompanying Adult

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The Great Ghost Family Adventure! (July & August)

Calling all junior ghost investigators! For those not quite old or brave enough yet to enjoy the twists and terrors of our regular ghost tours, we are excited to announce a new experience. The Great Ghost Family Adventure is an interactive quest that will take you inside Ottawa’s spookiest building, the Bytown Museum. Collect clues and investigate while we share some of our favourite stories about the building and surrounding area. Join our investigation team and discover the secrets of Ottawa’s oldest building!

Every Friday night at 7:30pm in July and August.

Adults $16.75, Students $14.75, Youth (10-14) $12.75, Children (under 10) Free With Accompanying Adult

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SPECIAL – The Haunted Walk’s Nightmare Before/After X-mas!

Join us as we explore the darker side of the festive season. Hear about strange and frightening holiday traditions from around the world and gather in close as we share creepy Christmas-themed ghost stories. The majority of the tour will take place inside the spooky Bytown Museum, Ottawa’s oldest stone building. Once inside, you’ll learn why some Haunted Walk tour guides are too scared to give tours of the museum – even at Christmas time! Play close attention to the stories and you might just win yourself some extra presents before the night is through!

2016 Dates: December 10, 17, 22, 27, 28, 29 and 30

Adults $19.75, Students $17.75, Youth (10-14) $15.75

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The Time Travel Trail Adventure!

May – October

Ottawa’s oldest and newest attraction! Unveil hidden secrets of Ottawa’s past that you won’t find in any history book! Embark on the journey with your very own time-traveling tour guide, going from year to year, and from location to location. You’ll get to reenact an 8-day trial in 3 minutes, duel against other time-travelers, wear silly mustaches and other “time-sensitive” surprises!

See Our City

May – October

Traveling to Ottawa by bus? Our professional step-on guides are available to take your group on fantastic city sightseeing tours. Our local experts show the landmarks and share the stories that make Ottawa such an incredible place to visit!

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