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Ghosts, graveyards, hangings, and haunts. Hear some of the most spine-tingling ghost stories from the earliest days of the city, including haunted theatres, unsolved mysteries, and the terrifying encounters at Mackenzie House. You will never look at the city the same again! This outdoor tour departs from the courtyard in front of the Hockey Hall of Fame. Cette visite est également disponible en français.

Next available: December 9, 2021
75 minutes
Adults $24.99, Youth (up to 14) $19.99

Gather around our Virtual Campfire as we explore the darker side of the festive season! Hear about strange & spooky holiday traditions from around the world, and gather in close as we share eerie & heartwarming Yuletide ghost stories. Pay close attention and you & yours might win yourself some extra presents before the night is through! This family-friendly campfire is a great way to get into the spirit of the season without having to venture out into the cold! Hosted by talented storytellers from The Haunted Walk.

Watch live on Dec. 10, 11, 17, 18, 20 – 23, 27 – 30, at 8:00pm EST (3pm on Sundays). All ticket holders will also get sent a link to the recording after the show!

Next available: December 10, 2021
75 minutes
$19.99 per Device (plus applicable taxes)

Is Canada’s largest university also its most haunted? The grand architecture and tree-lined paths of the University of Toronto’s downtown campus are filled with spooky history and ghostly tales. Hear about terrifying tunnels, restless spirits trapped among the stars, haunting love stories and more on our completely outdoor Campus Secrets & Spectres ghost tour!

Next available: December 10, 2021
75 minutes
Adults $24.99, Youth (up to 14) $19.99

Online Paranormal Experiences

Spooky fun from anywhere in the world! Test your courage in our Haunting at Home, or grab a spot around our Virtual Haunted Campfires!

Try Being a Paranormal Investigator!

Become an honorary member of the Phantoms of Yore Paranormal Investigation Team. Use all the last ghost hunting equipment as you explore haunted historical locations – in the dark!


News & Haunted Talks Podcasts

Episode 113 - Tales from the Tours Vol. 2
In this special episode, we are joined by several of our talented tour guides who share the bizarre, eerie, and downright terrifying events that they have witnessed or experienced in the line of duty.
The Stone Tape Theory
Could ghosts be a looping echo from the past? We look at one of the most influential theories in paranormal research.
Episode 112 - The Enfield Poltergeist
The Enfield Poltergeist is a case that must give the most ardent skeptics pause. The story is not only terrifying, but spanning 2 years, it is also one of the most well-documented hauntings in history.