Episode 134 – Canadian Poltergeists – Part 1

The first episode in a 3-part Haunted Talks special event!

Over the next few episodes, we’ll explore four poltergeist stories that took place in Canada in the 19th and early 20th centuries, all of which seem to share some striking and terrifying similarities. 

We start off with one of the greatest Canadian mysteries of all time and what might be the most famous historic poltergeist story in the country: the Baldoon mystery. Rocks and bullets were propelled at the exterior of their house by unseen attackers. Family members would often collect the bullets and rocks and sometimes leave unique markings on the items. They were then brought off the property and even deposited in nearby creeks. Only a few days later, the same bullets and rocks with the unique markings would appear back at their house.

Our second poltergeist story takes us to Clarendon, Quebec, where the Dagg Family were subjected to objects flying around and heavy furniture moving by itself. Despite the suspicions placed on a recently adopted daughter who seemed a lightning rod for the activity, there was agreement that no one person could start so many random fires without help.

Join us for the next two parts of Canadian Poltergeists! New episodes every day from Oct 19 – 21, 2022!

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