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Welcome to Haunted Talks – The Official Podcast of the Haunted Walk. Hosted by Jim Dean, Creative Director.

Each episode explores the paranormal, dark history, tourism, science, or creepy ghost stories. Come along as we ponder the unknown! New episodes releasing throughout each month. Be sure to follow on your favourite podcast app so you don’t miss them! Audio editing by Michelle Dennis. Research and writing by Brittney Bos.

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Haunted Talks Ep 185 Dark Folklore - Part 2 NS
May 17, 2024
In part two of our series on Dark Folklore, we descend deeper into the shadows to explore the legendary creatures that haunt our nightmares. This spine-tingling episode examines terrifying entities such as the Jersey Devil, the blood-sucking Chupacabra, and the Mare and Alp—creatures said to cause sleep paralysis and unending nightmares. As we journey through...
Haunted Talks Ep 184 Dark Folklore NS
May 3, 2024
We journey into the shadowy realms of freaky folklore, uncovering the spine-chilling tales of mythical creatures that have haunted human imagination across cultures and continents. We reveal stories of beings that lurk in the dark, from the infamous Mothman of West Virginia to the eerie cries of Ireland’s Banshee, each a harbinger of doom and...
Haunted Talks Ep 183 Eclipse Results Revealed NS
April 19, 2024
In our last episode, we invited you to join us in a chilling experiment during the recent total eclipse—and you didn’t disappoint. After compiling all the data our team members provided, we are poised to unveil results that are not only unexpected but also mystifying, sparking more questions than they answer. The Estes sessions—where we...
Haunted Talks Ep 182 Eclipse Portal to the Unknown NS
April 5, 2024
Step into the eerie shadows of a total solar eclipse with us and explore the mysterious connection between this celestial event and the supernatural. As the moon covers the sun, casting a rare darkness across North America, we dive into ancient myths, cultural beliefs, and the intriguing possibility of paranormal phenomena. This episode isn’t just...
Haunted Talks Ep 181 Takes from the Tours Ottawa Jail NS
March 22, 2024
In a recent episode of the ‘Geist‘ podcast, we shared chilling experiences that our storytellers encountered while guiding tours through the eerie corridors of the old Ottawa Jail. Notorious as one of North America’s most haunted locales, this site emanates a foreboding air, attributed to its grim history of executions, the harshness of its living...
Haunted Talks Ep 180 Houska Castle's gateway to Hell NS
March 8, 2024
Step into the shadows with us as we venture into Houska Castle, nestled deep in the Czech Republic’s enchanting countryside. This isn’t just any old castle—it’s built over what’s rumoured to be a gateway to hell itself. But that’s just the beginning. Houska’s ancient walls also house ghostly tales and unexplained phenomena that have intrigued...