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Welcome to Haunted Talks – The Official Podcast of the Haunted Walk. Hosted by Jim Dean, Creative Director.

Each episode explores the paranormal, dark history, tourism, science, or creepy ghost stories. Come along as we ponder the unknown! New episodes releasing throughout each month. Be sure to follow on your favourite podcast app so you don’t miss them! Audio editing by Michelle Dennis. Research and writing by Brittney Bos.

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Haunted Talks Ep 174 The Dark Events That Inspired Edgar Allan Poe NS
December 1, 2023
Edgar Allan Poe’s tales of madness, horror, and moral lessons continue to resonate nearly two centuries after their creation. Throughout the episode, we unravel the inspirations behind four iconic Poe stories—The Masque of the Red Death, The Oblong Box, The Tell-Tale Heart, and The Cask of Amontillado. Drawing parallels between Poe’s life and his fictional...
Haunted Talks Ep NS 173 CN Tower World's Tallest Paranormal Investigation NS
November 17, 2023
The CN Tower is an iconic Canadian landmark. Standing at 553 meters or 1,815 feet, it is one of the tallest free-standing structures in the world. Contemplating the Tower, an intriguing idea crossed our minds. Although it is not known as a haunted place, it possesses unique characteristics that could make it a one-of-a-kind site...
Haunted Talks Ep 172 The Skull of Rattlesnake Jake NS
November 10, 2023
A ghost story, an Old West shootout, a historical mystery, and an episode of CSI all rolled into one. We share the dramatic tale of Rattlesnake Jake and Buckskin Owens, two outlaws who attempted to terrorize the citizens of Lewistown, Montana, on July 4th, 1884, only to find themselves on the wrong end of a...
Haunted Talks Ep 171 The Evolution of Halloween
October 31, 2023
Join us on a captivating journey through Halloween’s history and traditions. From its ancient Celtic origins to modern-day festivities, we unveil the evolution of this beloved holiday. Discover the origins of iconic Halloween creatures like vampires, witches, and ghosts, and how they’ve become symbols of the season. Explore the playful traditions, from pumpkin carving to...
Haunted Talks Ep 170 Wilno NS
October 27, 2023
In 1972, when Dr. Jan L. Perkowski (pictured) published a report on the strange happenings in Wilno, Ontario, it made international headlines and forever tied the small Eastern Ontario community to Vampire stories. The town has been eager to shake this reputation – focusing instead on its history as the first Polish settlement in Canada....
Haunted Talks Ep 169 Tales from the Tour Vol 3 NS
October 20, 2023
We have something intriguing for you. Previously, we’ve presented two episodes where our storytellers joined us to share their extraordinary and eerie experiences while leading tours. These episodes were titled ‘Tales from the Tours Vol. 1 & 2.’ We had plans to release a third volume this October when our good friends at the ‘Geist‘...