Episode 135 – Canadian Poltergeists – Part 2

The second episode in a 3-part Haunted Talks special event!

We continue our exploration of Canada’s most documented and frightening Poltergeist cases. For this episode, we travel to the Maritimes and explore two stories in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Although nearly 50 years and 200 km separate them, these stories share too many details to ignore. They have all of the hallmarks of the poltergeist stories that we’ve already come to know: the strange noises and aggressive behaviours.

In Amherst, a young woman named Esther Cox became the target of suspicion after her family’s home was tormented by an entity that would start fires, leave writings on the walls, and directly communicate with witnesses by using knocks or a disembodied voice. 

In Caledonia Mills, a family was besieged by a relentless series of fires. It seemed anything could catch fire at any moment: wallpaper, wet towels, and the grass in the yard. Nothing was safe from the flames. The family was so worried about the spread of fire that they all took turns keeping watch, worried that there could be an arsonist lurking in their midst.

Join us for the final episode of Canadian Poltergeists on Friday, October 21st, 2022!

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