5 New Spine-Tingling Halloween Adventures for 2016

Halloween is our favourite time of the year and we’ve been working day and night to make our 2016 season the best one ever! With brand new events slated in Toronto, Ottawa and Kingston, I thought I’d sit down with our Creative Director, Jim Dean, to get a sneak peak (no spoilers!).


Ghosts of the University of Toronto

“The downtown campus of the University of Toronto is a special place. It features some of the most incredible heritage buildings the city has to offer and a rich, dark history. Intellectual giants including Frederick Banting, Lester B. Pearson, Margaret Atwood, Malcolm Gladwell, Marshall McLuhan, Robertson Davies and Adrianne Clarkson have walked its paths. It should come as no surprise that the area has more than its fair share of ghost stories. Whether you are a current student, alumni or simply interested in exploring one of the most historic and beautiful areas of the city, Ghosts of the University of Toronto has something for everyone.”

The Haunted Walk Experience at Black Creek Pioneer Village

“Even in the light of day, I have always found pioneer villages a little spooky. The thought of life without electricity, basic sanitation or mass communication is enough to make even the most brave of us shudder. Walking amongst the historic buildings and cottages under the cover of darkness is another thing entirely! The combination of time travel and chilling ghost stories is what has me most excited about our Haunted Walk Experience at Black Creek Pioneer Village.”

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Stranger Tales: A Haunted Walk City Adventure!

“The Haunted Walk are big fans of Netflix’s Stranger Things. We love the eerie vibe of the popular, new series. Inspired by the show and our own Incident at the Bunker: A Zombie Adventure!, our customers will find themselves in the middle of their very own paranormal adventure. Stranger Tales: A Haunted Walk City Adventure is easily one of the most ambitious experiences we have ever undertaken. Unlike most of our tours, it will be completely unguided and participants will interact with characters, solve puzzles, use online resources and ultimately traverse one of Ottawa’s most haunted buildings. I can’t wait to see the response!”

We Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts: A Haunted Walk Kid’s Adventure!

“Throughout the year, children love coming on our ghost tours. As we amp up the spooky atmosphere during our Halloween Season, we generally do not recommend our tours for our youngest fans. To solve this problem, we created a daytime and kid-centric tour adventure that is fun for the whole family. The concept revolves around training kids to become expert ghostbusters. I really hope nothing goes wrong and that they don’t have to use their newfound skills inside a “haunted” building (wink wink)! We Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts: A Haunted Walk Kid’s Adventure, will be a light-hearted and hilarious way for families to get into the Halloween spirit.”

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Tales From the Tunnels at Fort Fright

“I have spent a lot of time in haunted buildings and I can honestly the say the tunnels under Fort Henry are one of my favourite scary spots in the entire province. After experiencing the spooky scares above as part of “Fort Fright”, join us underground in the darkened tunnels of Fort Henry to hear true ghost stories from Kingston’s ominous fortress. As always, there will be a twist! Guests will need to find our tour guides in the tunnels and listen to their tales. One of the stories presented will be completely fake. If they can spot which one is the fabricated story, prizes are up for grabs.”

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