4 Spooky Podcasts for Halloween Weekend

Halloween is the best time of year to listen some spooky stories. Our Creative Director, Jim Dean, and host of our Haunted Talks podcast, has picked his top 4 favourite episodes to listen to on the Halloween weekend. Listen to the episode below or by searching for “Haunted Talks” wherever you get your podcasts.
1. Disney’s Haunted Mansion
“Regular listeners know how much I adore Disney’s Haunted Mansions. They have been such an inspiration for my work with The Haunted Walk. In the episode we share the history of its development and go behind the scenes to see how the most most famous haunted house in the word works.”

Ep 49 - Houdini's Ghost

2. Houdini’s Ghost

“Having an Uncle who was a master magician, I knew the name “Houdini” from a very young age. Close to 100 years after his tragic death, the name “Houdini” is still synonymous with the unbelievable, the spectacular, and the magical. His illusions and stunts were legendary. His death, in many ways, was such a tragedy. But, was he able to pull off his grand finale and successfully send a message to his wife from beyond the grave? Such a good story.”

Ep 55 - The Handprint3. The Handprint

“This story has everything. The heroism of firefighters in the 1920s. A major disaster, in this case, a tragic and terrible fire. And a message seemingly sent from from beyond the grave. A great historical ghost story.”

4. The Enfield Poltergeist

“It is one of the most well documented hauntings in the world. So many eyewitness and first hand accounts. Could it all be a hoax? Terrifying, shocking and utterly compelling. The clips from the recordings inside the house are the stuff of nightmares.”

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