Paranormal Investigation at the Martintown Grist Mill

Public Investigations

Next Available: September 9, 2022
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  • September 10, 2022
120 minutes
$44.99 per Investigator
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The Martintown Grist Mill, in Martintown, Ontario, was built in 1846 on the banks of the Raisin River. For 100 years, it was a centre of commerce as local residents and farmers would bring their wheat, corn, buckwheat, and other grains to the mill to be ground into flour. Almost demolished in 1986, the Mill reopened to the public in 2004 after major renovations. Since then, reports of paranormal activity on the site have greatly increased. In particular, a spirit named Jacob has made its playful presence frequently known through EVP recordings, strange electromagnetic readings, and malfunctioning electronics. This 2-hour special event will begin with a full briefing on the haunted history of the site, the equipment to be used, and the best practices to follow when collecting and analyzing evidence. Then you will have the opportunity to venture inside and investigate the mill – in the dark! With a max of 8 people per group, tickets are extremely limited. Transportation not provided.

What makes the Martintown Grist Mill a great place to investigate?

Explore an Old Haunted Mill with Phantoms of Yore!

We are looking forward to returning to investigate this unique and important heritage site. Like all of the locations we visit, each investigation is totally unique and unpredictable. Watch the video to see what happen to one investigators a few years ago. Was it an encounter with Jacob?

Who are Phantoms of Yore?

Phantoms of Yore are the Haunted Walk’s official paranormal investigations partners. POY was founded in March 2018 by Elliot Luijkenaar (left) and Eric Oickle (right). The pair wanted to assist in the preservation of unique historical sites by facilitating public Paranormal Investigations. Over the past three years they have hosted dozens of popular events and have helped raise thousands of dollars for restorative work, renovations and other funding needs. Some of the sites include: L’Original Jail, Murney Tower, Ninette Sanatorium, Cornwall Jail, Mill of Kintail and the HI Ottawa Jail Hostel.

What happens at public investigations?

Simply put, these events allows guests to be paranormal investigators for the evening. These suspenseful, entertaining and informative experiences share the history, folklore, paranormal accounts about the site, and the theories and hypothesis behind paranormal investigations. Investigators film their own experiences and the footage is uploaded so it can be reviewed for possible paranormal captures. Live feeds are also included in most events, allowing for patrons to have instant access to the footage. Many paranormal enthusiasts and experienced investigators watch the live feed to help detect anomalies.

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