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Ashland was developed because of the railroad coursing through Central Virginia. Trains have thundered along these tracks for over 160 years, bringing passengers, freight of all varieties, and Civil War soldiers and supplies. With so much history and so many souls passing through, there is no shortage of strange and eerie stories. Hear the reason why Ashland is called “The Center of the Universe.” See if drifters and a former Ashland police sergeant haunt an old jail. Learn of the dark secrets behind a block of empty land where no buildings stand. Meet ghosts of Civil War soldiers lurking in the shadows of a former church and hospital. Follow the tracks, jump the rails and join us for some spooky campfire tales. Featuring Whitney Zahar (Ashland Haunted History Tours) and Jim Dean (Haunted Walks Inc.).

Watch LIVE on Wednesday, March 16th at 8:00pm EST (rescheduled from Feb 19th due to illness). All ticket holders also get access to a RECORDING of the campfire to watch at your leisure or if unable to attend the live show.


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