RECORDED Virtual Haunted Campfire – St. John’s, Newfoundland

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Perched on the sides of the hills surrounding St. John’s harbour, and often wreathed in misty fog, St. John’s is steeped in history, and the paranormal. Join Dale Jarvis, creator of the Haunted Hike, for a virtual journey into the dark underbelly of St. John’s and Newfoundland’s sordid past. This is a recording that you can watch at your leisure. Featuring: Dale Jarvis, St. John’s Haunted Hike (CAN) and Jim Dean, Haunted Walks Inc. (CAN).

Recorded: Saturday, March 20th, 2021

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Banff, Alberta draws visitors from across the world for its picture-perfect mountain landscapes. But this breathtaking destination has its darker side. Venturing into the wilderness of Banff National Park has been known to come with ghostly omens and lessons from the afterlife. Even those who cozy up indoors at the famous Banff Springs Hotel may sense a spirit nearby, including spectral employees who never moved on, a notorious bride who never made it past “I Do” and a family trip that went terribly wrong. Featuring Samantha Welanc (Banff Canmore Ghost Walks) and Jim Dean (Haunted Walks Inc.).

Recorded: Saturday, February 12th, 2022

Next available: December 8, 2022
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$14.99 $9.99 per Device (for a limited time!)

Ashland was developed because of the railroad coursing through Central Virginia. Trains have thundered along these tracks for over 160 years, bringing passengers, freight of all varieties, and Civil War soldiers and supplies. With so much history and so many souls passing through, there is no shortage of strange and eerie stories. Hear the reason why Ashland is called “The Center of the Universe.” See if drifters and a former Ashland police sergeant haunt an old jail. Learn of the dark secrets behind a block of empty land where no buildings stand. Meet ghosts of Civil War soldiers lurking in the shadows of a former church and hospital. Follow the tracks, jump the rails and join us for some spooky campfire tales. Featuring Whitney Zahar (Ashland Haunted History Tours) and Jim Dean (Haunted Walks Inc.).

Recorded March 16th, 2022.

Next available: December 8, 2022
90 minutes
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Amidst the green moors and dormant volcanoes, you’ll find Scotland’s haunted capital. Its cobbled streets and narrow passageways have seen grisly secrets, slaughter and infamous serial killers. With overflowing cemeteries and an underground burial vault, Edinburgh truly is a city of the dead. By the end of this campfire, you’ll understand why these tours come with a warning! Featuring Joshua Bryant (City of the Dead Tours) and Jim Dean (Haunted Walks Inc.).

Recorded: Saturday, February 26th, 2022

Next available: December 8, 2022
120 minutes
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