RECORDED Virtual Haunted Campfire – St. John’s, Newfoundland

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Perched on the sides of the hills surrounding St. John’s harbour, and often wreathed in misty fog, St. John’s is steeped in history, and the paranormal. Join Dale Jarvis, creator of the Haunted Hike, for a virtual journey into the dark underbelly of St. John’s and Newfoundland’s sordid past. This is a recording that you can watch at your leisure. Featuring: Dale Jarvis, St. John’s Haunted Hike (CAN) and Jim Dean, Haunted Walks Inc. (CAN).

Recorded: Saturday, March 20th, 2021

Virtual Haunted Campfires

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Featuring an incredible line-up of the best ghost storytellers and haunted locations in the world. Join in the fun with these interactive, spooky and fun storytelling events.

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The Haunting at Home is a ghostly online audio experience created by the paranormal experts at The Haunted Walk. Turn the lights down low & conduct a series of fun & spooky experiments in your own home. Will you be able to complete them all – in the DARK? What will you discover in the process? Experience a spine-tingling and thought-provoking night of supernatural thrills & chills.

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You know the creepy nursery rhyme, now hear the tales of its darker past and real-life ghost stories! The area surrounding London Bridge is steeped in haunting history and was once thought of as the Las Vegas of London.  From brothels to haunted old prisons, to operations without anesthetic in the world’s oldest operating theatre – this campfire will be a wild and spooky ride through the very colourful heart of London. Featuring: Jacqui TravagliaLantern Ghost Tours (UK) and Jim Dean, Haunted Walks Inc. (CAN).

Recorded: Saturday, Feb 27th, 2021

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Toronto is known for its skyscrapers and bright lights, but the Toronto History Museums contain much of the city’s rich and intriguing past. What visitors to these historic sites may not realize is that they are also some of the most haunted spots in Toronto. For the first time ever, we are bringing together storytellers from four of these sites to share their tales. Gather round the virtual campfire as we uncover the ghost stories from Colborne Lodge, Fort York, Mackenzie House, and Montgomery’s Inn.

Recorded: Saturday, Apr 24th, 2021

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