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75 minutes
$99.99 per investigator
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Prepare for an extraordinary journey into the unknown as we invite you to join us for a spine-tingling paranormal investigation at the top of the CN Tower! This October 26th & 30th, 2023, we’re offering you an exclusive opportunity to become a part of history and join us in what we believe to be the world’s tallest paranormal investigation. Toronto is a haunted city, full of spooky ghost stories. The CN Tower, though not known for hauntings or ghostly apparitions, stands as Canada’s largest antenna. While it is used to send and receive earthly signals, such as radio, TV, and EMS, it also raises a spine-tingling question: Rising high above a city steeped in ghostly tales, can it also capture or amplify signals from the great beyond? Rest assured, you’ll be in capable hands throughout this journey. Our seasoned hosts from the Haunted Walk are well-versed in ancient and modern communication techniques, ensuring a night of discovery, wonder, and perhaps even otherworldly encounters.


Our adventure begins at the Tower’s base, where you’ll be introduced to some basic concepts, and we’ll set our intentions for the evening. After ascending to the Main Observation Level, our hosts will share some of Toronto’s spookiest ghost stories, pointing out the buildings involved from the best vantage point in the city. As the evening progresses and the mysteries deepen, the true highlight awaits. You’ll gain exclusive after-hours access to the SkyPod, the highest observation platform in the Western Hemisphere. Here, under the guidance of our hosts from the Haunted Walk, you’ll take part in a series of spine-chilling paranormal experiments. As no one has tried this before, we are in uncharted territory and have no idea what to expect.

With Halloween just around the corner, our investigation comes at the perfect time, when legend holds, that the boundary between our world and the spirit realm is at its thinnest. Don’t miss this unprecedented opportunity to do what no one has done before. Secure your ticket to our record-breaking paranormal investigation and prepare for a night with the unknown. All participants must be 18+. There is a short set of stairs to climb.



While we will share a few of our favourite ghost stories during the evening, our primary focus will be thinking about and attempting to make contact.

We don’t want to reveal too much ahead of time. Participants should be prepared for anything.

As we don’t use tricks or special effects, we cannot guarantee activity. However, given the haunted history of Toronto, the unique properties of the Tower, and the activities we will be undertaking, it is more than possible. We have no idea what will happen – which is part of the fun! Each group will have a different and completely unpredictable experience.

As we will be doing a variety of different techniques and methods we would prefer you use the tools and equipment we will be sharing with you. Many of the things you will learn can be applied to future investigations. 

The investigation is not about jump scares or cheap thrills. We are going deeper than that. This experience is a thoughtful and interactive evening at an incredible location, where we will consider the nature of hauntings and reach out into the abyss.

To keep the experience intimate and personal, each investigation is limited to a maximum of 16 guests. Due to the small group size and exclusive access to the site, tickets are very limited.

The second level of the SkyPod requires the climbing of 12 stairs.

Two nights only. Thursday, October 26th and Monday, October, 30th.

Due to the expected popularity and limited run, tickets are non-refundable. However, if you run into a situation where you cannot attend, please call The Haunted Walk (416-238-1473) as soon as possible and we will do our best to assist.

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Join us on a chilling and thrilling journey through the dark history of the city as we delve into the world of ghosts, graveyards, hangings, and haunts. Prepare to be captivated by spine-tingling ghost stories about haunted theatres, unsolved mysteries, secrets hiding in plain sight, and spooky historic buildings. Our outdoor tour will take you on a hair-raising paranormal adventure, departing from the courtyard in front of the Hockey Hall of Fame. Get ready to see the city in a whole new light, or rather, darkness, as you uncover the eerie and supernatural tales that lurk in its shadows. Cette visite est également disponible en français.

Next available: December 7, 2023
75 minutes
Adults $25.99, Youth (up to 14) $19.99

Brace yourself for a brand-new experience in 2023! Black Creek Pioneer Village is without question one of the most active sites we tour. Over the years, our inquisitive ghost tour guests have been asking for a more immersive encounter with the eerie side of this extraordinary location. Join us for a spine-chilling paranormal adventure where intimate groups of 12 or fewer will have exclusive access to investigate three haunted heritage buildings – including the notorious Half Way House – in the dark! As we embark on this supernatural journey, we’ll be employing a diverse range of both ancient and modern techniques to attempt to establish contact with the lingering spirits that call the Village home.  Will any of them answer? Leave skepticism at the door and step into the world of the unexplained. ‘Alone in the Dark’ is as real as it gets, where even the spirits themselves can’t predict the outcome. Nothing is hidden or staged. This unforgettably eerie evening will delight ghost story enthusiasts, fearless paranormal investigators, history aficionados, urban explorers, and anyone with a curiosity about the unknown. Space is limited. All participants must be 18+. November dates added!


Next available: December 8, 2023
120 minutes
64.99 per person

‘Tis the season…for scary stories! Join us at the Fox Theatre as we revive the Victorian tradition of sharing ghost stories to celebrate the holidays. Storytellers from The Haunted Walk of Toronto will spread spooky cheer with spellbinding tales of the otherworldly and supernatural – with a holiday spin. We will screen thematic classic short films throughout the evening to add to your eerie experience. We’re also offering a VIP experience for 16 brave souls who will stay after the theatre closes for a paranormal investigation with the team from The Haunted Walk. This 60-minute adventure is an excellent introduction to investigating the supernatural while exploring modern and ancient methods used to commune with the other side. You won’t want to miss this special, exclusive experience. Maybe you’ll even make it a holiday tradition! Also offered in Ottawa.

Next available: December 16, 2023
90 minutes
$25 per person (Fox Theatre members save $3), $50 per person for show and VIP investigation