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Vinegar Valentine 7
February 10, 2023
Valentine’s Day is typically associated with flowers, chocolates, and declarations of love. But what about the sour side of this holiday? Enter Vinegar Valentines – the sassy, sarcastic, and often cruel greeting cards that were all the rage from the mid-19th to early 20th century. Before Hallmark and candy companies took over the holiday, people...
Robbie Burns Header
January 25, 2023
Tonight is Robbie Burns Night, also known as Burns Night, a celebration of the life and poetry of Robert Burns, a famous Scottish poet who lived in the 18th century. The event which was first held in 1801, is typically on January 25th, which is the anniversary of Burns’ birth. Traditionally these celebrations involve eating...
Halloween Article FB
October 30, 2022
Ahh, our favourite time of year is upon us. The autumn air is crisp, the leaves are falling in heaps of red and yellow, and there are pumpkins on every street. It’s no wonder that here at the Haunted Walk we are obsessed with all things Halloween. We take our roles as experts in all...
Marsyburgh NS
August 5, 2022
The city of Kingston is packed to the brim with stories about history, hauntings, and mysterious happenings. One of the lesser-known mysteries lies deep within the waters of Lake Ontario. Many ships have been wrecked or run aground around the lake while passing through an area known as the Marysburgh Vortex. The Dangers of Lake...
Pirates with Boat
June 28, 2022
What could be a more convincing prop than a real human skeleton? All around the world, there are attractions that have made use of real skulls, skeletons, and other human body parts – some without even realizing it! Here are five attractions containing real human remains you can visit. Disneyland, California – Pirates of the...
Dungarvon Whooper
June 14, 2022
If you go walking at dusk in the woods near the Dungarvon River – beware. The terrifying screams of the ghost they call “the Whooper” can still be heard deep within the New Brunswick forests of the Miramichi Highlands. Often told around the campfire, the legend of the Dungarvon Whooper (pronounced hooper), has been passed...