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The Lost Villages of the St. Lawrence River
August 17, 2021
The Village of Moulinette slowly turns into an island after the flooding of St. Lawrence River in July of 1958. Lost Villages Historical Society Mysterious flooded cities, hiding just below the water’s surface, have intrigued storytellers and researchers around the world for centuries. Whether it’s the quest to find the lost civilization of Atlantis, or...
The Stone Tape Theory
August 12, 2021
Why are some places haunted and not others? Why is there more activity associated with one location and not another? Why do different people, from completely different backgrounds, or even time periods, often share the same experiences at the same location? Whether using strict scientific experiments or other forms of sensory research, many people have...
Toronto’s Haunted Secret Tunnels
July 19, 2021
Countless horror movies have taken place underground, fuelling many people’s nightmares of being trapped below the surface unable to reach daylight. There is something about the dark and tight passageways far from the open sky that simultaneously intrigues and horrifies us. Even for people living in the city, the draw of the underground inspires countless...
Haunting of Scarborough’s Old Finch Avenue Bridge
July 8, 2021
You are driving through a sleepy Scarborough suburb on the eastern edge of the urban sprawl. Not too far from the Toronto Zoo, you’re leaving the residential houses behind and coming upon a deep and dark forest. The views around you have completely changed: suddenly the glass and concrete are gone, now replaced by dense...
Initial Reports Indicate Majority of Homes Are Haunted – Haunting at Home Results
November 19, 2020
In the spring of 2020, as many of us were sheltering in our homes, something interesting happened. The number of people reporting paranormal activity dramatically increased. Without the hustle and bustle of daily life to distract us, we became more observant and aware of our surroundings. Little things that may have easily gone without notice...
Ghosts Staying at “Inn at the Falls”
November 6, 2020
Situated atop of the rocky waterfalls in Bracebridge, Ontario is an unassuming Victorian manor. The front of the building faces a quiet dead-end street, while the back looks over the town, parkland and falls below. If you came upon this ordinary yet beautiful building on your own, you might not have the sense that something...