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Ghostbusters Movie Review

by Jim Dean on July 18, 2016 Comments Off on Ghostbusters Movie Review
The original Ghostbusters (1984) has a very special place in our hearts. We have frequently been called “Ghostbusters” over the years. While far from accurately describing what we do, this reference is a source of pride in the offbeat and entertaining experiences we provide. More than one Haunted Walk karaoke night has ended with a stage...read more
Jim DeanGhostbusters Movie Review

Toronto’s Hidden Banksy

by Jim Dean on July 12, 2016 Comments Off on Toronto’s Hidden Banksy
There is a secret hiding in plain sight just around the corner from our Toronto office. People walk by the corner of Church and the Esplanade every day, not knowing that they are passing by something special: a piece of street art by world-famous artist Banksy. Banksy got his start in the graffiti arts world...read more
Jim DeanToronto’s Hidden Banksy